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Ever wondered how some videos go crazy viral or why yours only gets a couple of views? I did too, until I discovered my secret viral tip.  Today, I’m going to teach you how to FORCE your videos to go viral.

Secret For Forcing My Videos To Go Crazy Viral, YouTube Tips for beginners

Most of the time, viral videos can happen spontaneously. However, there are certain strategies you can take to help nudge your videos into the eyes of more viewers. These social media tactics go beyond promotion.

My first viral video happened within my first few months of launching my YouTube channel. No one was really watching my videos at first. I was trying to find tips and tricks and most YouTube advice was really broad like “be yourself” or “be consistent”

I needed actionable steps to take. I wanted a tangible plan-of-action.

Then I decided I would apply the same strategies to blogging as I do to my YouTube videos, and before I knew it, I had one video take off.

My #1 Secret for making my videos go viral

…is Pinterest.

Pinterest is not just for stay-at-home moms or brides any more. It is a full fledged visual search engine that millions of people visit every MONTH. With the proper pinning strategy and scheduler (Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduler by the way, you can sign up for a FREE Tailwind trial at my link here. )

Some quick Pinterest For YouTube Channel Growth Tips:

  • Make attractive pins for every video, make multiple pins for your viral videos
  • Get Pinterest to trust your content first by pinning quality things
  • Get a Pinterest Business account and apply for Rich Pins
  • Improve your Pinterest SEO with strong keywords in your titles, alt text and pin descriptions
  • Sign up for a FREE Trial of Tailwind here(as well as FREE MONTH of Tailwind ‘s upgraded plan if you use the links below), and get yourself on quality Tailwind Tribes. You can join my FREE Tailwind Tribes below.

TO FIND OUT MORE about my Pinterest Strategy, how I pin things, the way that I pin things and more, watch the video below.

How I Force My YouTube Videos To Go Viral


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