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Start your YouTube channel off on the right foot by making it look professional as possible. With these YouTube tips, beginners can have their YouTube channel growing in no time.

YouTube creator has become more and more advanced over the years. Before, you would just set up a digital camera on your bedroom floor and be done with it. Now there’s camera settings, audio equipment, lighting fixtures, editing software and so much more.

It might seem overwhelming at first but with the steps below, your audience will be able to see that you are a professional creator with quality content. And that means they will be coming back for more.

So, you want to start a YouTube channel AND look professional from the beginning? I get it! Here are some easy ways to achieve that:

How To Look Like A Professional YouTuber From The Beginning

How to Look Like a Professional YouTuber from the Beginning

How can I make my video look professional?

Creating professional videos are really important to being a successful YouTuber. Audiences are more savvy now so their expectations are a little higher for video quality. You can still find the balance between quality videos on a personal budget. There are three aspects you should think about when planning your YouTube set up:

YouTube Filming Set-up Essentials

  • Lighting
    • You should always have good lighting. This could be natural light from a nearby window or you can get a lighting kit to help you if you film in an area with no natural light. You can get lighting kits on Amazon.
  • Camera
    • Having a professional camera will give you a step up but it isn’t needed. Because smartphones camera quality is getting so good these days if you have one of the newer versions of an iPhone or Samsung device and can’t find it in your budget to get a professional camera, that will do!
  • Audio
    • Audio is one of the MOST important parts of your channel. Most people can deal with iffy video, but everyone HATES bad audio. You can get an external mic for your camera or your phone to help with audio quality and your audience will thank you!
  • Clean Set
    • Whatever you are filming, make sure it is free from distractions or anything embarrassing. Tidy up your room (if it’s not a decluttering video). If you’re filming outdoors, make sure the “extras” aren’t doing anything distracting.

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How to Look Like a Professional YouTuber from the Beginning

How Else Can I Make My Channel Look Professional?

While the YouTube filming set up is important, there are other things you should also do to look professional from the beginning.

Brand Your YouTube channel

Branding, in any case, makes you look more professional so branding your YouTube channel is a must. Here are a few places you can brand with optimal graphic size if needed.

  • Channel Art
    • YouTube Channel art is what you see at the very top of your YouTube channel. It’s typically an introduction sharing what type of content you make and possibly sharing when your audience can expect new videos. The optimal size for YouTube channel art is 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • Profile Photo/Channel Icon
    • Your profile photo/channel icon is what people will see every time they are on your channel or watching a video. You can have the same photo across all social media platforms so when people come from social media to your YouTube channel or vice versa, they know it’s you.
    • Keep your photo professional versus a group photo that your audience can’t pick you out of. The ideal YouTube profile picture size is 800 x 800 pixels.
  • Thumbnail
    • YouTube thumbnails are SUPER important and are what help people make the decision to CLICK on your video when you upload or in YouTube search. Having branded and professional looking thumbnails are very important and can help you convert viewers to subscribers. The best size for a YouTube video thumbnail photo is 1280 x 720 pixels.
    • Use free editing software if you don’t have Photoshop. I recommend Canva and Picmonkey for easy thumbnail creation.
  • Have Similar Branding across your Thumbnails
    • As I have mentioned a few times through this post, branding is extremely important. Having all of the same or similar thumbnails will make your page look professional, consistent and your followers will see the thumbnail and automatically know it is YOUR video they are about to click onto.
  • Video Watermark
    • Adding a video watermark to your content is a great way to improve brand awareness and channel recognition. A video watermark shows up very small in the bottom right-hand corner of your videos. Using a PNG or GIF format, 150 px x 150 px, at 1MB (or less) is optimal. Images with one or two colors and a transparent background work best. This should be a variation of your main logo.
    • If you have branded your channel as yourself, you can just use your initials as the video watermark. If you have an icon that your audience reacts too and knows well, you can use that also.
  • Channel Description
    • Having a branded channel description allows you to stay consistent and clear throughout your channel and on other social media platforms. It also makes you look extremely professional as you are sharing with your audience upfront on what kind of content they can find on your channel.
  • Channel Links to other social media profiles
    • Make sure your channel links to other forms of social media and vice versa. By sharing other forms of social, it gives your audience other ways to interact with you and consume your content. Your social media pages that share your YouTube channel is also a way for you to cross-post and grow different audiences. Your branding across your social media pages should be consistent as well; meaning the same logos, same sort of messaging etc. Depending on your brand you might need to set up two profiles; one for your personal use, and one for business.
  • Customize Channel Home Page
    • Customizing your channel home page is a great way to look professional from the beginning. You can do this by creating playlists and sorting your videos from most popular to help people find relevant content to them. This also acts as a showcase for your best work.
  • Use Proper Titles, Description, and Tags for all videos
    • Using proper titles, descriptions, and tags in your videos will make you look more professional AND they will help you get seen by more people. YouTube is a visual search platform that people use to learn and consume basically anything. Make sure you are researching the best keywords to use in your titles and descriptions and don’t forget to use tags either! These are all things that are extremely helpful to your channel!

How to Look Like a Professional YouTuber from the Beginning

YouTube Content Tips

  • Script out your YouTube Videos
    • Although this is something that happens behind the scenes, scripting your videos will not only make you look more professional, but it will also make filming MUCH easier for you. People may also notice you are fumbling over your words, not completing your thoughts, or cutting a lot of times in the editing process.
    • By scripting out your videos, you are able to eliminate these issues and really look like you know what you are talking about.
  • Create a Content Calendar and Stay Consistent with Posting
    • By creating a content calendar and staying consistent, you are able to look professional from an insider point of view. Nothing is worse than uploading three videos, getting your audience excited, all to not upload again for two months. This will help you stay consistent and be ahead of your channel.
  • Record multiple takes, if necessary
    • Sometimes we stumble over words or pause longer than we need to. Perhaps something got it the way of your shot. Record again, if possible. This will ensure that you have the best possible take to include in your video. The rest can be saved for a blooper real.
  • Edit out the fluff
    • Pauses do happen. In this day and age, people want content quick and to the point. So if you’re just starting out than you need to meet that demand. Edit out the long pauses or anything superfluous. Speed things up if you can’t bear to edit it out. A editing trick I like to do is to cut intervals of it (keeping the most important parts, of course) and then using a cross dissolve transition to show that time has passed. This way of editing is a great way to keep audiences engaged without being too jarring.


When utilizing these tips, you are able to look like a professional YouTuber at the beginning. Let me know if they help!


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