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Getting YouTube views is just as important as getting Instagram likes. With the algorithms changing all of the time, getting that engagement is harder than ever.

Pinterest is an awesome way to grow your YouTube views for free. Because Pinterest is more of a visual search engine than Google, with nice pins and the correct keywords, you could be reaching an audience you never thought was possible before. Here are the ways I use Pinterest to get more views on YouTube.

How I Use Pinterest To Skyrocket My YouTube Views

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Using Pinterest to bring views into my blog and YouTube Channel has exploded by YouTube Views. Here’s how I did it.

1. Claiming my YouTube channel on Pinterest

By claiming your YouTube channel on Pinterest, you are able to get higher distribution in the algorithm. This basically means that Pinterest trusts the content coming from your claimed accounts and will know that the content you are giving out is high quality, therefore resulting in higher distribution throughout the platform.

claim youtube channel on pinterest

2. Using relevant keywords in Profile and Board Titles

Using relevant keywords is important in all cases. Use the Pinterest search feature to find keywords relevant to your niche.

To utilize the search feature, log in to Pinterest and search something your viewer might find themselves searching.

For example: “YouTube Tips”
Depending on your niche and your search, you should see a line of boxes with individual words located at the top of the page. All of those words are keywords that should be saved and paired with your initial search. You can click each box to go deeper into the keyword rabbit hole. The more keywords you find and use, the better you will rank in searches, therefore, resulting in more views.

From there you can optimize your profile by sprinkling the keywords throughout your bio, board titles, board descriptions, and pin descriptions. By optimizing your account, you have a better chance of getting seen!

pinterest suggested keywords

3. Creating multiple pins for videos

Creating multiple pins for your videos allows you to reach your best audience. This is where A/B testing comes in handy.

For example:
– Create a simple pin with a one-color background and just text (I have examples if you need them!)
– Then create a pin with the same text that has an image element.

pin comparison

Your pins should be pinned to the same boards with the same descriptions and whichever pin does better helps you figure out what the audience responds to best. By creating different types of pins, you also have the ability to reach different audiences. This will allow you to reach people searching for different things that would find your content helpful.

You can also try using the same pin and changing up the descriptions. This second option will also help reach different people due to you using different keywords.

4. Keyword Rich Pin Descriptions

When writing your descriptions do your best to use as many keywords as you can. Remember that the Pinterest algorithm reads descriptions AND pins just like you do.

Bad Example of Pin Description:
“Pinterest. YouTube. Get more views #get #youtube #views”

The above example isn’t a description that will work. Instead, try utilizing full sentences and sprinkling keywords throughout. Wait to use hashtags till the end.

Better Example of Pin Description:
“How to use Pinterest to get more YouTube views. I am sharing with you 8 ways to get more views on YouTube for FREE by using Pinterest #youtube #howtousepinterest #growviews”

If you are stuck on what type of description to write, head back over to your list of keywords you found and see if they spark any inspiration!

5. Tailwind Scheduling

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to utilize Pinterest on AUTOPILOT! You can schedule out multiple pins to multiple different boards over a period of time to make sure that your content is getting distributed at the best times of the day.

Tailwind automatically makes your pin schedule based on how many times you want to pin a day and the most popular times your audience is active on the platform. That paired with its other features allows you to maximize your Pinterest traffic and get the most out of your YouTube channel! You can get a free trial of Tailwind here.

tailwind scheduler example

6. Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes is a feature like Pinterest group boards that allows you to collaborate with people writing, filming or sharing content that is similar to yours. You can join up to 5 tribes on the plus plan or if you would like, you can upgrade to join more.

When you share your pins to a tribe, others participating will repin your content to share with their audience, therefore increasing your reach and YouTube views. By using this type of collaboration, you have the ability to reach an audience you may not have previously.

Sign up for a FREE Trial of Tailwind here(as well as FREE MONTH of Tailwind ‘s upgraded plan if you use the links below), and get yourself on quality Tailwind Tribes. You can join my FREE Tailwind Tribes below.

7. Tailwind Smart Loop

Smart Loop is another Tailwind feature that allows you to constantly share your content on a loop. You can set up a loop to post a group of pins to multiple different boards over a period of time, so your content is continuously being served to your audience with no downtime.

The reason why this feature is so special is because once you set it up, you never have to touch it again. You can add pins into the rotation or take pins out but you don’t have to go into schedule new content each week if you don’t want too.
It also has a great feature that allows you to select a period of time you want the loop to be active. This makes it perfect for scheduling pins or videos that may be holiday-based.

8. Scheduling My Videos on Tailwind

Tailwind has recently released a new feature that allows you to share videos DIRECTLY from their platform. This allows you to pin your YouTube videos to Pinterest hassle-free. It also allows you to pin to different boards without having to upload the same video multiple times (as Pinterest doesn’t love it when you repin your own content to your boards.)

I hope these ways help you utilize Pinterest in a way that is beneficial to getting you more YouTube views and subscribers!


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