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Ever wonder “How can I travel and make money?” For those that don’t have a huge savings account, here are the best travel jobs to make money while traveling. 

Everyone loves to travel so why not make money while doing it? This post is going to share with you tips on how to make money while traveling and specific jobs you can do that will give you income while you are living your best life!

With some wi-fi and useful skills, you can make money where you are in the world. Go on that adventure you’ve been wanting to take while still being able to pay for things.

Whether you want to make a few dollars or build up some funds for the next part of your travels, there are ways to make money while traveling.

Tips to make money while traveling

  • Stay Safe
    • Staying safe is extremely important whenever you are making money. Sticking to making money online will really help you stay safer and enjoy your travels more.
  • Build up Savings Beforehand
    • By building up your savings you are able to have a little leeway when traveling. This will help you reduce your stress and not worry so much about money.
  • Research
    • As with any job, research is extremely important. Research the jobs below and figure out which ones will work best for you!
  • Reach out to Family and Friends
    • Have any friends or family that may live in different areas of the world? Ask them if you could stay with them as a way to cut hotel costs.
  • Be Open-Minded
    • When reading the below jobs, some of them may seem way out of your league but be open-minded! The best things come when you step outside of your comfort zone!


Here is how to make money while traveling the world

20 Best Travel Jobs: Easy Ways To Make Money While Traveling


Average Pay: $0 to $10k per month

Blogging is a lot of work but if you work at it and are consistent, you are able to make some serious money working from anywhere. You also are able to be your own boss and write about only what you would like too. Since you are traveling, you can create content for others to consume when they are planning trips!

Social Media Management

Average Pay: $20-$100+ per hour 

Social media management is becoming one of the most popular work from home jobs of 2019 and is expected to continue into 2020. That being said, you can find social media management jobs on job search sites, Facebook groups and more. Social media management also doesn’t require a degree, however, experience is most likely needed! 

Graphic Design

Average Pay: $25 -$40 per hour for beginners 

Most graphic design work from home jobs do require a degree however if your portfolio is good enough, you may not need one. Keep in mind that the highest-paid graphic designers actually combine their skills to help with branding, sales, and more. 


Average Pay: $18 -$30 per hour for beginners 

Online education is becoming one of the fastest-growing business industry. Inside of online education, tutoring is among the fastest-growing niches. You can get on a tutoring site or start your own business over the web. Find your clients on Upwork, social media, or job sites.

Ghost Writing

Average Pay: $15-$40 per hour for beginners 

Writing or editing can be a great way to make money and you don’t even need a degree! You can get hired by a blogger, online magazine, or newspaper, and make money per post or article. You can also get remote part-time or full-time writing jobs as a steady form of income.

Sell Digital Products

Average Pay: $25 -$35 per hour for beginners 

Everyone’s an expert on something or can become an expert. You could sell digital products on the topics you are an expert in and make money passively. Not only could you work at home but you don’t have an income cap and are able to make as much money as you want! 


Average Pay: $15-$75 per hour

If you know different languages, you have the ability to become a translator for businesses and people in general. This is a job that can be done at home and doesn’t require a degree but it does require multiple languages to do. 


Average Pay: Varies

With an accounting job, you are able to work from home or really anywhere if you choose to do so. The field is open to both entry-level and experienced professionals so if you are just out of college or someone seasoned in the field, you can do this wherever!


Average Pay: $20 -$40 per hour for beginners 

Bookkeeping happens to be on the top of the least favorite things-to-do list for all business owners. It’s time-consuming and kind of annoying to do but it is a critical task to ensure the business runs smoothly. If you are good with numbers, you can make some good money doing it!


Average Pay: $100-$150 per hour for beginners 

Similar to the digital products aspect, consulting is a great way to earn money in your expert niche. You don’t necessarily need a degree but you will need experience in your field so you can help others achieve their goals. The most common type is business consulting or coaching.  

Selling Stock Photos 

Average Pay: $0.20 to $0.50 per image sold

 If you are traveling to exotic or beautiful areas of the world, people will pay for your photos to use on their website and other areas. You can make some pretty good passive income just from snapping some vacation pics. If you have a newer smartphone, you don’t even need a professional camera to get the job done. 

Become a Journalist for a magazine or blog

Average Pay: Varies

Becoming a journalist for a magazine or blog allows you to get paid for traveling the world. It’s the best of both worlds because you are getting paid to explore and share your experiences! Start looking for writing jobs both with specific companies and on job search sites. 

Teaching classes – Yoga, Dancing, Surfing

Average Pay: Varies

Teaching classes while traveling can help you make some money and also interact with the locals. This is a great way to not only achieve your monetary goals but it’s also a really great way to soak in all the culture and bring new teachings to new areas of the world. 


Average Pay: $20-$30 per hour for beginners 

Proofreading is very similar to editing but in this case, you are just proofreading books, papers, audio transcripts, blog posts, websites, etc. You are basically a second set of eyes. This type of work is time-consuming but if you are good at catching grammar mistakes and typos, then this is the perfect job for you. 

Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $15-$35 per hour for beginners 

Becoming a virtual assistant is an amazing job that you can do from home or anywhere in the world. It takes a little time to build up your portfolio but you can make a great full-time income from being a VA. Niche down and only work in areas that you have experience and knowledge in. The 2020 trend is finding the highest-quality VA possible, not the cheapest. 

Voiceover Artist

Average Pay: $20 per hour for beginners 

Have you ever been told that you have a nice voice? You might have the ability to make money just from reading scripts, books and making those things come to life. Fiverr has a lot of people looking for voice-over artists so head over and get started!

Online Surveys

Average Pay: Varies

Need something quick and easy to make a few dollars? Take surveys online and get paid for it!

Rent Out Your Place

Average Pay: Varies

Make your property work for you! You can rent out your place while you’re traveling. Websites like airbnb and vrbo make the process seamless.


Average Pay: Varies

If you’ve got photography skills, announce on social media when and where you’ll be travelling to set up some photo shoots. People can pay you cash, paypal, or venmo to make things easy and you can email their pictures to them once you’re done editing. 


Average Pay: Varies

If you have an active social media presence and influence, you can vlog or take photos about your travels. Instagram can pay you through brand deals and YouTube can pay you through adsense. Companies like IZEA and Blog Meets Brand can help bridge the connection to you and a brand.


I hope these 20 ways to help you get the most out of your travel and allow you to live your best life with no restrictions! 

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