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The quality of YouTube videos has improved drastically over the past years. Learn these actionable steps to improve your YouTube videos right now.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the internet. And videos will be one of the most dominant forms of content consumption.

If you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel, you’ll need to create awesome videos that will get you views. You might see another YouTuber’s videos and think that you don’t have the space, props, or video equipment to every match theirs.

HOWEVER, Devices are so much better these days, you can start filming with a smartphone and have decent quality videos. There’s also tons of quality tips and research on how to improve your YouTube Channel (like this article!)
Check out the tips below to help improve your next video.


Here are 10 tips to start implementing on your YouTube channel right now!

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1. Choose a nice background

Decide on the background of your video. If it’s in your home, be sure to tidy up and hide anything potentially scandalous or embarrassing.

What do you want the focus of your video be? If you’re a beauty guru, then you’ll want the attention on your face, so you’ll want a neutral background. Try hanging a backdrop from a backdrop stand like this. If you’re a travel vlogger, be sure to capture great shots of your surroundings in order to capture the mood. If you’re a gamer, you can either film yourself in your gaming chair, or consider a green screen like this so you can change things up.

When you film your next YouTube video, remind yourself what the focus is and consider the background. Your background to your videos could be considered part of your branding so make sure it matches your message.

2. Have consistent lighting

Lighting is key to a great video. If you’re on a budget, you can try to shoot next to a window. Hang a sheet or white curtain so the light is diffused. You’ll want to avoid harsh bright lighting (it can create weird shadows). The downfall to this setup is if you live somewhere cloudy or there is inclement weather, your lighting might not be consistent if clouds are coming in and out.

To truly stand out from the pack, you may want to invest in some artificial lighting equipment. Some softbox lights or umbrella lights can definitely improve the quality of your videos instantly. A Ring light like this can also be very flattering on your face if you’re filming yourself on camera.

3. Have a general outline

Before filming, be sure to have a general outline of how you want the video to go. What’s the beginning, the middle, and the end? Do you have snippets and phrases you want to include. Is there a product or person that needs to be shown? If so, when do you plan to introduce it?

Some of us are not naturally articulate on the fly (myself included). So sometimes, I rehearse certain lines I want to say to see if it sounds right out loud. Have some notes off camera so you can refer to them, if necessary.

Don’t be afraid to film multiple takes to get the right shot.

4. Crop your videos

Changing up the frame of your videos allows your viewer to stay engaged. Longer engagement means more watch time means more views means more YouTube channel growth.

You can crop in really close to emphasize a point or focus on something funny. You can zoom out so the viewer gets the big picture idea. You can either film a panning shot, or do the “Ken Burns” effect on a still image so the viewer still gets the idea of motion.

Adding in these simple “effects” by cropping shows your viewer that your videos are a little more higher quality than the other guy.

5. Improve your sound quality

If your videos involve sound, then you’ll want to make sure the audio quality of your video is high. That means trying to minimize any background noise that may occur while you’re filming your video.

If you have an external mic, consider getting a windscreen and/or muff to reduce the wind sound coming on your microphone when you’re filming outside.

If you’re indoors, consider using an external mic or a lavelier microphone to make sure your viewer can hear what you’re saying and it doesn’t sound muffled or distorted.
If there is background noise, you can’t avoid, consider recording a voiceover with the proper microphone.

If you are not using any speech, then be sure to have the right quality background music (and make sure it is copyright free!) It may be helpful to consider captions if you choose not to include any voices in your video.

6. Delete any unnecessary pauses

It’s natural to have any pauses or breaks when you’re speaking. If it’s not part of your video (especially the errs and ums), then delete them. As you film more and more videos, your speech will be a lot smoother. But for now, leave any awkward pauses on the editing room floor.

If there is a break, you may want to mask it with some sound effects or background music. You can also speed things up to help move your video along.

7. Add sound effects or background music

The right sound effect might make your video more engaging. Whether it be humorous or dramatic, some different sounds besides the sound of your voice will give the viewer a break and keep them engaged.

It’s like a teacher teaching their class. Every now and then during a lesson, they might call on a student to provide an answer or opinion. Otherwise, the students might get bored and start daydreaming.

You’ll want to do the same from your YouTube videos. You don’t want them skipping to another video. With cropping, you can keep them engaged visually. With sound, you can keep them engaged audibly.

8. Add transitions

Speaking of keeping your viewers engaged. Adding transitions might take your video to the next level. Jump cuts may be a little jarring so you’ll want to make sure you space them out.

Cross dissolve is an easy transition for viewers to watch. Wipes are also a great visual hint for a change of events.

Transitions can get very fancy so be sure to use the ones that fit the tone of your video.

9. Add text

Add some text to your video can raise your viewer’s interest. It can also emphasize a point you are trying to make. It can also be used to update your viewer after the video has been uploaded.

As more and more people watch your video, you can also consider a caption service for the hearing impaired or for those that are watching your video in a public space.

You can also add text to any slides or transitions to help your viewer know what is coming next. You can also use a text overlay so your viewer can know any important details. For example, a recipe creator might include the name of the ingredient or any instructions. A family vlogger might include text so the viewer can know that some time has passed (e.g. The next day…)

10. Add graphics

A simple graphic added to your video might pique your viewer’s interest. Don’t worry if you don’t have any photoshop skills. You can simply pop in a still image or an emoji to convey your message.

You can also hand draw your graphic and just film the drawing. A common use for including graphics for many YouTubers is to draw attention to their social media accounts or perhaps ask them to subscribe.

This simple addition can improve the quality of your video in your viewer’s eyes.

Hope these actionable steps for creating better YouTube videos works for you. What other tips can you share?


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