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Hey there!

I'm JD

I’ve been there. I get it. Building a brand is hard. 
For 10 years, I’ve worked in the marketing and digital media field for the public sector and Fortune 500 companies. I’ve done the agency life and the in-house work. Then I started a side hustle to bring in more money (and pay off those pesky student loans)

I became a blogger and content creator on the side after my 9-5. I applied all of the skills and secrets learned from my “regular job”. All of a sudden, my side hustle took off and my a-ha! moment came…
This side hustle can be my “full hustle”. 
With the roadmap to creating and building out your side hustle, I’m bringing in FULL TIME income working PART TIME hours. 

Now it’s your turn…

Get the roadmap to transform the
"side" hustle into the "full" hustle.


Create Epic Content

Write and film content that conquers SEO and leaves your audience wanting more.

Dominate Social Media

Promote your blogs and videos with actionable strategies to get more views.

Make That Money

Learn some monetizing tips to help build that passive income.

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Are you okay with where you are right now in your career? Just okay?
Are you still afraid to jump? Don’t be.

Now think about the possibilities that could come with working towards your dream. Through my courses and content, find the inspiration to take that leap towards your goal.